Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Post...

I love teaching. I really do. I love explaining, I love making up weird examples with phones and stuff. I love drawing the heart like a square and drawing a cross to make four smaller squares. I like having people understand what I'm saying and having people say, "Ooo I get it now" and really mean it. I think I'll be a prof sometime in this life and I now realize I love Cardio. Alot. I think I have found my calling. Cardiac Nurse Adede, future professor.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Know...

...You've missed me! And I've missed you too!!! I know, I know. I'm a bad blogger, but I'm me so...

To answer a question of a lovely friend. Yes school is over. I've been out for a month and a week so far and have only a more relaxed body to show for it *shurg* What can I say but that I'm bumming it out.

Anyway, this may or may not be a long post so we have to read and see.

So my last post was about the 11s so let's play catch up from then abi?

I started working again. With an elderly woman in the morning and with children in the afternoon. Both can be stressful at times but they do have their rewards plus I'm making money so I cannot complain whatsoever.

I finished watching the last season of Grey's Anatomy. Kill Me Now! Okay don't, but you get the idea. It ended the same way Fifty Shades of Grey ended, leaves you knowing that it can't end this way.

I did a major splurge two weeks ago that started with "I need opaque black pantyhose. Let me go to the city and see if I find some." And me being the person I am, couldn't resist the Sale!! sign plastered everywhere. Then came home and did some more shopping online. I was scared to check my account balance for days.

Before the splurge, I finally took out my kinky twist *sidetrack* My cousin and I had a very heated and frankly stupid debate on why we call it "kinky twist" The nature of the hair vs. What can be done with the hair. I know stupid, but extremely funny when I know the level of stupidity I indulge in but continue. *backtrack* So I took out the twist and was ready to put in a weave three days later because I had several events to go to. So while in the store waiting online to buy the weave, my cousin and I were just talking about what we do with our natural head of hair and about weaving and braiding and the sorts. Two aprokos, as I am at leisure to call them, decided and openly vocalized our lack of the "being natural" spirit. The aprokoest of them all said, "You're not true naturals. True naturals would not get a weave or try to hide their hair in braids. They would allow it to be out there in the open and let everyone know their solidarity. They would never be ashamed of the length. Whether short or long they would rock it to the fullest. The two of you need to start embracing you hair and stop hiding it".
 #1 Who are you to decide who is and who isn't a "true natural"? Frankly, I didn't know you could be a fake one.
#2 I'm hiding because I wear a weave or put my hair in braids? GTFOHWTBS. That's like saying I'm emotionally mute because I don't give money to the people on the train. No mothersuckers! I pray for them and plus I'm broke! I do what I do because I do it! There is no shame/fear involved!
#3 I didn't know that I needed to be open about the naturalness of MY hair. Is there a world out there where natural hair is tabooed, where everyone MUST get a perm? Am I trying to protect myself from the scary eyes of people who may judge me because of my hair? No and no. Solidarity? The status of your hair will not make me hate or love you, my dear. Whether your hair is permed or not, if you're getting eaten out for either, I'm by your side.
#4 Who even told you length was an issue?
#5 I rock my hair to the fullest regardless.
#6 Its MY hair. I embrace MY hair. I relish in it when its braided, in a weave or when its just out. I have a bond with my hair before I went "natural" and still do. I argue with and complain about my hair all the time like I would complain and argue with my cousin but I still love it regardless of its state so get off my back with all that BS.

Did I say all this to the lady. Definitely not! After I shouted, "You ain't about this life!!!" my cousin and I started laughing hysterically. **Hiss** Monkey tail telling me about my hair! What nonsense!

Anyway. So then my dear friend from a former school graduated and was having a dinner party and I had to go because she's like a sister from another family. Had a good time laughing at the current and the past.

I attended a black tie event. First ever in my life. And I was anxious. Which fork do I use to eat the salad? Which spoon for the soup? Whole shit had me confused and since no one at my tabled took Etiquette 101: Order of the Cutlery, we did like students who didn't prepare for an exam, we winged it.

My iPad dropped and fell on my big toe. It hurt like crap! Now there's a small clot under the toe. Ughh

I started reading again and it's not a textbook :-D Finished the Twilight series then finished Persuasion by Jane Austen and loved it! Was the first time reading Persuasion even though I've had it for two years. It starts off rather slow and non-intriguing or maybe it's because I hadn't watched the movie? Hmm who knows?  Now I'm all over the Fifty Shades trilogy. Need to start on the last book.

My sister boldly took the flat iron and straightened the hair I put in twist. I yelled at her vehemently and I realize that I overreacted. Now going to apologize.

Anyway that's all for now folks!!

Lerra pipuls!