Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hola pipuls, I know it's been a longgggg time. Sorry.

Final semester in school and I don't know how to really feel. One thing for sure is that I cannot wait to be done with it. The studying, cramming, crying, looking like I died and resurrected as a zombie, and the many more things that come with school, I want it all over. Am I going to miss it? Hell no and I know that's certain. May miss my classmates but definitely nothing else. I know I said I don't know how to feel and that pertains to the ominous feeling that something just something is gonna happen. A week before school started I couldn't walk without pain to my hip. More specifically my Scaroiliac joint. Ask me how I knew that was it. Google in conjunction with my imaginative thinking. I'm pretty sure that it was just the way I slept but when it first happened I was crying like a baby. I didn't want to go to the doctor cause then they would say that I needed to go for an x-ray, then find out I had a tumor, had to operate and then I would need to be on bed-rest for 6-7 weeks which would not give me anytime for school meaning I wouldn't graduate and then my life would be delayed. I don't know ppl, I don't know. That's the shit my mind comes up with. But the worst part is that I could not bring myself to rationalize what was really going on till I woke up the next day (pain still present) and asked myself, "Dah phuck is wrong with you? Like are you willing yourself not to graduate?" Of course I had my own internal dialogue and snapped out of it. But yeah you get my point. No? I don't get it either. 

Anywho moving forward, I feel better and will graduate by force by fire. Any satanic force shall be kobokoed and flogged!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year Bloggers!!!!

May 2013 yield abundant fruit for you!!!