Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bing...... (No relation to the actual post)

As it is, grades have come in and now I can relax a little bit more. So now that the intellectual side of me can take a break my creativity can blossom **sigh**. I miss being relaxed and not thinking of school  even though there is a little voice saying, "Adede, you know you miss school, you know it is don't deny yourself!!!" Its little and at this point, insignificant so me don't curr. In any case, I was tagged in this thing by the wonderful Lady Ngo. But errr I don't know that many bloggers to reach eleven so I will def be tagging people that probably won't respond.

Anywhichway. Here it goes.

Here's how it works:
** Post rules
** Post 11 random things about yourself
** Answer questions posted by the person who tagged you
**Create 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer your questions
**Notify those tagged of the game
** Notify the person who tagged you after you have answered the questions
** No tag backs

Random tingssss
1. I want two sets of twins and a daughter as last born.
2. I like flowers. Don't know their names or anything much but they're pretty to look at.
3. I originally watch shows out of boredom but they become so hard to resist during exams.
4. I'm watching a recorded epi. of Vampire Diaries and Elena is revived!!!!! Ahhhhh
5. I strongly believed cartoons were wayyyyyy better in the 90s.
6. I like to drink out of big cups and wave my hands. It makes me feel like I'm in a party. Don't judge me.
7. I wish the State Farm jingle could work in real life.
8. I hate going to bikram yoga or the gym but feel so good when I come out.
9. I was valedictorian of my high school class.
10. I'm off perms. But why oo why do we have to go into this natural vs. relaxed hair battle.
11. Speaking of hair, I need to get mines done.

Here goes the answers

1 Whats the last book you read? Currently rereading Twilight series.
2 If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sounds of Rain and Thunder, not really a song more like something to put you to bed.
3 What countries have you visited (other than your country of birth)? Since there is none, I'm including countries of transit. UK and Ireland
4 If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Shop till I drop, hangout, go to sleep and when I wake up I have an additional $2 million everyday.
5 Why do you blog? Something to do.
6 How old are you? 2x. Shawty you were not bout to reveal my age!!
7 What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex (or same sex if that's what floats your boat)? Idk? Nails
8 When's the last time you had relations? They say never kiss and tell. ;-)
8a (for you shy ppl) Whats the craziest/silliest thing you've ever done? Drink Bacardi 121 and walk down steps and have friends record it.
9 What is your least favorite food? Chin chin
10 Do you have any pets? Negative
11 whats one thing you've been dying to tell me? You're awesome. I wasn't dying but yh.

My questions

1. Favorite book?
2. What do you want to be/ are now?
3. What do you do in your spare time, if you have any?
4. What is something you wish you could be doing right now?
5. Who or whatdo you cherish in your life?
6. Favorite movie?
7. Where have you been dreaming of traveling to?
8. Best event attended?
9. Why do you blog?
10. Last trip. When and where?
11. What grinds your gears?

People that are getting tagged?

1. Honey Dame
2. Sugabelly
3. Madame Sting
4. MissPf
5. Sisi Yemmie
6-11 Anyone that would like to. Just let me know that you have so I can stop by and read :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Chiamaka, why!?!?!?

"I swear to GOD that made me, after my last final, I'm going home to sleep. The entire week I'm gonna be sleeping and eating. I'm going to finally relax and just breathe. No classes, no papers, no group projects, no exams just me and a book of my choice in my bed with a bowl of cereal"

That was what I told myself during finals week. My last final was on Monday. So why in the Fujianese chicken have I not slept till well after 1am only to wake up 7am ever blessed day?!?! Why!!! Chiamaka,why!!!! This is freaking ridiculous. I thought my first post after going MIA would be something joyful and very relaxed but nooooooooooooooo the people in my life are making me stressed. At this point, I would ALMOST gladly prepare and take a comprehensive final and that is a statement.

Goodnight people.