Friday, December 28, 2012

All Grown Up!!!

Remember Baby Kay?? He's all grown up!! We now refer to him as Master Kay. I didn't know which pic to share so check them all out on the OrionPixels Facebook page. He's too cute for words ppl!! I see why these youngins out here tryna have baybays.

P.S. Merry Christmas past and Happy New Year's in advance!!
P.P.S. Like the OrionPixels Page! Yes I'm promoting via blog!

Monday, December 10, 2012

While I should be finishing several papers, I found this video.

This video just leaves me to wonder at the state of mankind. A predator leaves the prey to take care of the prey's baby...
This has nothing to do with being maternal. It's about doing right by everyone including your enemies.

In other boring and common news...
School is stressful, I have exams and papers, I am stressed but life goes on.

Enjoy something about this week, even if its just the 5 hours of sleep you get while it rains.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ms. Sandy

She couldn't have been married with all the wreckage she did in my area. Boardwalk uprooted and misplaced in people's living rooms, cars drowned in water, fires in various areas and then no electricity for two weeks. Lets just say my October into November transition has been very sour. But in all, I learned a couple of things from the old miss.

1. You are born alone and you will die alone. You may not necessarily die alone but you understand the gist. Everybody answer their papa name when gbese knack.
2. Surprises are everywhere and can come from anyone. During a time of need, want, need/want, people will surprise you and that goes for the people who you know love you, the people who you think love you and the people who don't. 
3. You can survive it. Whether you will is a different story but you can do it. You know that quote, "You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only thing you can be" or something like that, Mademoiselle Sting (yes I've changed your name for you) reminded me of it just days before Miss Sandy arrived. And there I was having to make it through darkness with no type of communication with the outside world and still go to school the next week and take exams and hand in papers, I swear I thought I would pass out and start crying like a big baby as I waited for the dollar van to arrive because buses wouldn't go into the area because of the darkness. Actually I did cry and then I remembered that tears won't take my ass home. 
4. There may be someone in a "better" situation than you, but remember that you are in a "better" situation than someone. We all face different battles. I am still feeling pain for those in Staten Island. My heart prays for a better day for them everyday. I mean my situation was bad, real bad but I know people that some of the things they've lost are irreplaceable and the pain is inconsolable. To those in Staten Island, other parts of New York, New Jersey, and anywhere else that suffered any type of loss, may GOD restore unto and comfort you.
5. The best food and gist is made when there is no light. Things like family and neighbor gist hardly occur when there's TV shows, internet access and a working phone. When was the last time I sang with my sisters and had a good laugh with mi familia, or went to see my friend in the next building, prior to Hurricane or as they now call it, Superstorm Sandy, I hadn't seen my family friend in months and she lives in the next building. I saw her more in the one week than I had seen her all year. Without electricity, no blender or microwave, come and taste the delicious stew your homegirl made. I would have never guessed. Everything just reminded of days in my gmom's house in Benin. I was to young to really enjoy it and participate, but the laughter that I heard was real and I never knew what I was laughing at but I laughed because it felt good. It never happened anytime else unless in the darkness with candlelights flicking everywhere. Good times people, good times.

Hope anyone that had to make love to their bed without light as Miss Sandy passed made it out OK. Stay cool. Lerra pipuls.

Monday, October 22, 2012


...The waves of exhaustion is real and I'm feeling it.
...I can't with you anymore.
...It hasn't and it won't work.
...I'm not giving up, I'm letting go.

Haaaaaaa. BULLSHIT. I'm bored. Hope everyone is doing well and starting off the week on a good note.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Found this lurking in my drafts.

Telling me that you've been thinking of me all day makes me think you're jobless
Telling me that you broke a girl's heart because you have feelings for me makes me just think you're mean
In short, all those niceties that you plan to say to me won't have the, umm, usual effect they have on girls.
I'm a woman. Please try and be grown and show some sense of responsibility.

O Babe I Like Your Combinayson

...There was a time that color blocking used to be called color rioting. Before we use to laugh. Now we praise em for their style.

...Times are changing.

Not sinking yet but I'm getting deep. <--School ref.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


For those of you who cared (none), no I haven't been hit by a car or thrown into the ocean, I've just had nothing to say other than, school has started. Don't think that that was new-post worthy. Hope you're all doing fine though, enjoying the fall and the rains and effed up weather it brings. Well going back to studying. Mandatory Score of 100 exam Monday so yeah.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shit I Watch While Bummin' It Out

Yh. This is what I need right now. Excuse the cursing.

 Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love 2

Happy Sunday.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tired isn't even the word...

Its only Tuesday and I feel burnt out. As in, there's no more fuel in me. Had a lot of thinking to do over the past week concerning school and everything else in my life so both mentally and physically, I am exhausted. As much as summer was suppose to be a break from everything that stresses me out during the school year, it wasn't. In all honestly the lines between school stress and life stress have become blurred and have crossed over and have multiplied. Basically, all have just become stress. No particular title or specific group. Just stress.

On a brighter note, I went on a shopping binge, had my account overdrawn is how serious it got. Sigh.

I just saw this and it made me smile a little. It just goes to show that people can be different and still be united.

J.L.P (from my facebook page) wrote: 

"My hair is relaxed. Chemically straightened and colored flaming red. I am not someone who seeks to be white. Nor am I doubtful of my heritage. I am someone who grew tired of natural styling, and who is confident enough in my history and skin to wear what I want. Pride is not worn on my scalp, its shown through endeavors"

As a response, N.A.A (a friend of J.L.P), responded:

"my version: My hair is natural and coiled. Not straightened, not colored. I am not someone who seeks to be black/more black. Nor am I doubtful of my heritage. I am someone who grew tired of relaxed styling, and who is confident enough in my history and skin to wear what I want. Pride is not worn on my scalp, its shown through endeavors."

People need to just stop with the whole you are more/less proud of your native land by the way you carry you hair. Yes, hair is important but to each man/woman his own. What would you now say to the half cast with a African mother and Russian father who has blond kinks. Abeg free ppl and their hair. Jor ooooooo. 

"Sometimes I feel like, throw my hands up in the air// I know I can count on you// Sometimes I feel like saying, LORD I just don't care// But you've got the love I need to see me through" 

                                                                            --"You've Got The Love" by Florence + The Machine

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just Sex?? O_O

Just finished watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). Good movie. Suits my taste buds and I'd recommend. But anyway the end just, like, slaps me. Real hard. I really did think (spoiler alert if you haven't and are planning to watch) they were gonna end up together in the end. I swear to you I did. But then she goes to deliver the coat and sees homeboy walking with his umm boss (?) who he's having an out-of-the-workplace relationship with...ughhhh. Well anyway I got over it and just let the movie marinate in my system for a while and then a convo I was having with some friends some months back came to my head. Point of the convo- A dude could just have sex and it would be just about sex but a gal couldn't. A woman would always get emotionally involved. This further led to... A woman cheating is worse than a man because he wasn't emotionally involved. As a group both ideas/theories came out to equal COMPLETE BULLSHIT. But we argued anyway. Now why am I thinking about this after the movie? Well, Lisabeth kinda got emotionally involved in the end and the dude who was cheating with her on his boss (?) who was cheating on her husband kinda didn't. The whole "which cheating is worse than the other?" is out the window, but I'm wondering could it ever be just sex? O_O Like could a woman just have just sex? With no emotions involved? I wonder.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


During these late solitary hours of my life, I have realized that...

When we are so kids...
We have the energy, the spirit but not the sense

When we are teenagers...
We have the energy, the spirit, may/may not have the sense but not the funds

When we are young adults...
We have the energy, the spirit, the sense, the funds, but responsibilities

When we are old...
We have the spirit, the sense, the funds, responsibilities that have only become part of who we are but not the energy

The point is...
Something will always hold you back from doing what you want to do at EVERY stage of your life. There is not a stage with the perfect setting so make do and the best out of that which is in front of you.

This summer has to be less boring. July is about to say goodbye to me and very soon my posts will focus around the anger and frustration, so I gotss to henjoyy myself.

"You know better, now do better"-- I have know idea.

P.S. The "We" is more of "Me" but I refuse to call only myself out:-p

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now You're Just Somebody...

I was sitting on my bed when my phone rang. Of course only one person could be calling me at this time, but given that said person was in the kitchen warming pepper soup, I couldn't make a guess. I had just downloaded "Somebody That I Use To Know" by Gotye ft. Kimbra and it was pumping through my earphones. Stretching over to get my phone off the dresser, I picked the phone to look at the number. It was my ex. Before my brain said decline, my fingers slid across the decline button.

"But you didn't have to cut me off//Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing//And I don't even need your love//But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough"

Leave me alone.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Like Your Serere...

I got a thing for Mr. May D. I don't know what it is, but his voice makes me want to leave what I'm doing and dance. Thanks to the faithful Gidilounge, which is like the African Pandora, I have been expanding my iTunes library with more African songs. Hallelujah, praise the LORD. Anyway, what brought me here post-redecoration was to shout, I wanna parrryyyyyyyy!

                                                                  I Want To Know You

Ile Ijo

My tunez for the weekend.

Lerra pipuls

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dum Dum Dummmmmm

I want to assume and laugh that most people came here and reentered the web address to this blog again and hit enter at least twice. As you can all see, I've updated my blog layout and changed the template and all the works. Was it only my eyes that hurt trying to read orange? If not why didn't anyone complain?? Anywho, to give you readers a more comfortable view of my online one bedroom apartment, kitchen, bathroom and BIG parlor, I have redecorated. Happy reading!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Title

Today I attempted to make a recording and post but I'm a rambler and I lost focus of the main topic three times on separate recordings so I just effed it and decided blog typing is easier than blog recording. Anywho, the recording focused on two main things, friendships and and a situation that occurred earlier today.


I'm not a fan of disloyal people. I don't think there is anyone on this planet that is, yet loyalty seems to be a problem for some. I was thinking of an event that happened three years ago between an ex friend and myself. The situation only gets me agitated because of the way things ended. A verbal fight on Facebook which ended all ties to the individual. There are alot of things that I cannot be embarrased about but that event was not one of them. The person, lets call "Panasonic", and I were like this **crosses fingers tight**, we drank from the same cup and ate from the same plate. In my book, eating out of the same plate translates to "I'd cut my toe for you". Anyway, yeah, we were close. We had already been growing apart and what not, but it was just one of those things that could have been ironed out when we would have met and chatted again. Panasonic use to live down the hall and suddenly moved to the opposite side of the complex. We were both busy with school and stuff so I understood why we didn't see as often. But I never thought we had a problem. Well Facebook helped me realized that there indeed was, because an individual who i had only known by name helped me see that my business, which only Panasonic knew, had been aired to the world. To top it off, Panasonic egged the acquaintance on, to keep talking, to keep insulting. Someone said, "When you are weak, someone will be strong enough for you. That person is to be cherished forever." That person was my cousin. The feeling of complete nakedness only to be swiftly dissipated by complete shelter was overwhelming. I still get the punched gut feeling every time I think about it. I look back on this event as an eye opener though. A big one. To know how weak one friendship was and how strong another will always be.

The situation earlier today...

Why do people do things that they know they aren't suppose to? That they know are wrong? And then why do they get upset when you point out the wrongness of their deed? It is a known fact that no one is allowed to eat in the main sanctuary. I practically turned it into a sing-along with the children. Yet adults do it anyway. Is there a point in life where you are above rules and regulations? So a child celebrated their birthday today and blessed us with cake. There was leftovers so the mother, after church, decided to share it for the adults. No problem here. The problem arose when she decided to share it in the main sanctuary. Why would she do this? I have no idea. Absolutely none. Of course another member of the church told her that it wasn't allowed, repeatedly. At this point, the mother got upset that the lady had told her of the rule she was breaking repeatedly and started shouting at the other member and it turned into a "Hold me back! Hold me back!" situation. Vexed could not begin to describe how I felt! Women! You are in church and in front of children! To top it off, people were saying that the husband of the lady sharing cake didn't say anything, he didn't tell his wife to stop, he didn't tell her to shut up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Are you not master of your own actions? Are you not conscious of the decisions you are making? Are you not fully aware that you are NOT to eat in the main sanctuary and are you fully aware that you are showing no regard for that rule? GTFOHWTBS! Her husband could say nothing because there was nothing to be said. She knew what she was doing and him saying anything would have only resulted in her insulting her husband in public. Yes, she can be rude like that. People, it is simple. In my books, you will always be held accountable for your actions, even if they are made at gunpoint. You may not be blamable or found at fault, but accountable you will always be. Kill vs. Be killed. There is a choice to make. However unfriendly or disgusting both choices are, they are there and you will choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Lerra pipuls.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Deux

I want to learn French and Russian and Japanese. Yup just those three.

You know when you're experiencing some emotions and a song comes up that compacts all those feelings into less than four minutes. Stunning experience mehn. Stunning.

I have a thing for flowers. I had to ask myself, "Is this my inner calling for a wedding?" It was funny that I even asked myself the question. How are the two equal?

"The stars! The moon! They have all been blown out!" J'adore Florence + The Machine

I want to swim but I don't know how to swim. I'll opt for a long shower.

Dare I say it? Dare I? I dare! I miss school!

**Runs off to the hills screaming*

P.S. As you can tell, life for me is bleh. Sha we thank GOD.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Post...

I love teaching. I really do. I love explaining, I love making up weird examples with phones and stuff. I love drawing the heart like a square and drawing a cross to make four smaller squares. I like having people understand what I'm saying and having people say, "Ooo I get it now" and really mean it. I think I'll be a prof sometime in this life and I now realize I love Cardio. Alot. I think I have found my calling. Cardiac Nurse Adede, future professor.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Know...

...You've missed me! And I've missed you too!!! I know, I know. I'm a bad blogger, but I'm me so...

To answer a question of a lovely friend. Yes school is over. I've been out for a month and a week so far and have only a more relaxed body to show for it *shurg* What can I say but that I'm bumming it out.

Anyway, this may or may not be a long post so we have to read and see.

So my last post was about the 11s so let's play catch up from then abi?

I started working again. With an elderly woman in the morning and with children in the afternoon. Both can be stressful at times but they do have their rewards plus I'm making money so I cannot complain whatsoever.

I finished watching the last season of Grey's Anatomy. Kill Me Now! Okay don't, but you get the idea. It ended the same way Fifty Shades of Grey ended, leaves you knowing that it can't end this way.

I did a major splurge two weeks ago that started with "I need opaque black pantyhose. Let me go to the city and see if I find some." And me being the person I am, couldn't resist the Sale!! sign plastered everywhere. Then came home and did some more shopping online. I was scared to check my account balance for days.

Before the splurge, I finally took out my kinky twist *sidetrack* My cousin and I had a very heated and frankly stupid debate on why we call it "kinky twist" The nature of the hair vs. What can be done with the hair. I know stupid, but extremely funny when I know the level of stupidity I indulge in but continue. *backtrack* So I took out the twist and was ready to put in a weave three days later because I had several events to go to. So while in the store waiting online to buy the weave, my cousin and I were just talking about what we do with our natural head of hair and about weaving and braiding and the sorts. Two aprokos, as I am at leisure to call them, decided and openly vocalized our lack of the "being natural" spirit. The aprokoest of them all said, "You're not true naturals. True naturals would not get a weave or try to hide their hair in braids. They would allow it to be out there in the open and let everyone know their solidarity. They would never be ashamed of the length. Whether short or long they would rock it to the fullest. The two of you need to start embracing you hair and stop hiding it".
 #1 Who are you to decide who is and who isn't a "true natural"? Frankly, I didn't know you could be a fake one.
#2 I'm hiding because I wear a weave or put my hair in braids? GTFOHWTBS. That's like saying I'm emotionally mute because I don't give money to the people on the train. No mothersuckers! I pray for them and plus I'm broke! I do what I do because I do it! There is no shame/fear involved!
#3 I didn't know that I needed to be open about the naturalness of MY hair. Is there a world out there where natural hair is tabooed, where everyone MUST get a perm? Am I trying to protect myself from the scary eyes of people who may judge me because of my hair? No and no. Solidarity? The status of your hair will not make me hate or love you, my dear. Whether your hair is permed or not, if you're getting eaten out for either, I'm by your side.
#4 Who even told you length was an issue?
#5 I rock my hair to the fullest regardless.
#6 Its MY hair. I embrace MY hair. I relish in it when its braided, in a weave or when its just out. I have a bond with my hair before I went "natural" and still do. I argue with and complain about my hair all the time like I would complain and argue with my cousin but I still love it regardless of its state so get off my back with all that BS.

Did I say all this to the lady. Definitely not! After I shouted, "You ain't about this life!!!" my cousin and I started laughing hysterically. **Hiss** Monkey tail telling me about my hair! What nonsense!

Anyway. So then my dear friend from a former school graduated and was having a dinner party and I had to go because she's like a sister from another family. Had a good time laughing at the current and the past.

I attended a black tie event. First ever in my life. And I was anxious. Which fork do I use to eat the salad? Which spoon for the soup? Whole shit had me confused and since no one at my tabled took Etiquette 101: Order of the Cutlery, we did like students who didn't prepare for an exam, we winged it.

My iPad dropped and fell on my big toe. It hurt like crap! Now there's a small clot under the toe. Ughh

I started reading again and it's not a textbook :-D Finished the Twilight series then finished Persuasion by Jane Austen and loved it! Was the first time reading Persuasion even though I've had it for two years. It starts off rather slow and non-intriguing or maybe it's because I hadn't watched the movie? Hmm who knows?  Now I'm all over the Fifty Shades trilogy. Need to start on the last book.

My sister boldly took the flat iron and straightened the hair I put in twist. I yelled at her vehemently and I realize that I overreacted. Now going to apologize.

Anyway that's all for now folks!!

Lerra pipuls!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bing...... (No relation to the actual post)

As it is, grades have come in and now I can relax a little bit more. So now that the intellectual side of me can take a break my creativity can blossom **sigh**. I miss being relaxed and not thinking of school  even though there is a little voice saying, "Adede, you know you miss school, you know it is don't deny yourself!!!" Its little and at this point, insignificant so me don't curr. In any case, I was tagged in this thing by the wonderful Lady Ngo. But errr I don't know that many bloggers to reach eleven so I will def be tagging people that probably won't respond.

Anywhichway. Here it goes.

Here's how it works:
** Post rules
** Post 11 random things about yourself
** Answer questions posted by the person who tagged you
**Create 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer your questions
**Notify those tagged of the game
** Notify the person who tagged you after you have answered the questions
** No tag backs

Random tingssss
1. I want two sets of twins and a daughter as last born.
2. I like flowers. Don't know their names or anything much but they're pretty to look at.
3. I originally watch shows out of boredom but they become so hard to resist during exams.
4. I'm watching a recorded epi. of Vampire Diaries and Elena is revived!!!!! Ahhhhh
5. I strongly believed cartoons were wayyyyyy better in the 90s.
6. I like to drink out of big cups and wave my hands. It makes me feel like I'm in a party. Don't judge me.
7. I wish the State Farm jingle could work in real life.
8. I hate going to bikram yoga or the gym but feel so good when I come out.
9. I was valedictorian of my high school class.
10. I'm off perms. But why oo why do we have to go into this natural vs. relaxed hair battle.
11. Speaking of hair, I need to get mines done.

Here goes the answers

1 Whats the last book you read? Currently rereading Twilight series.
2 If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sounds of Rain and Thunder, not really a song more like something to put you to bed.
3 What countries have you visited (other than your country of birth)? Since there is none, I'm including countries of transit. UK and Ireland
4 If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Shop till I drop, hangout, go to sleep and when I wake up I have an additional $2 million everyday.
5 Why do you blog? Something to do.
6 How old are you? 2x. Shawty you were not bout to reveal my age!!
7 What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex (or same sex if that's what floats your boat)? Idk? Nails
8 When's the last time you had relations? They say never kiss and tell. ;-)
8a (for you shy ppl) Whats the craziest/silliest thing you've ever done? Drink Bacardi 121 and walk down steps and have friends record it.
9 What is your least favorite food? Chin chin
10 Do you have any pets? Negative
11 whats one thing you've been dying to tell me? You're awesome. I wasn't dying but yh.

My questions

1. Favorite book?
2. What do you want to be/ are now?
3. What do you do in your spare time, if you have any?
4. What is something you wish you could be doing right now?
5. Who or whatdo you cherish in your life?
6. Favorite movie?
7. Where have you been dreaming of traveling to?
8. Best event attended?
9. Why do you blog?
10. Last trip. When and where?
11. What grinds your gears?

People that are getting tagged?

1. Honey Dame
2. Sugabelly
3. Madame Sting
4. MissPf
5. Sisi Yemmie
6-11 Anyone that would like to. Just let me know that you have so I can stop by and read :-)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Chiamaka, why!?!?!?

"I swear to GOD that made me, after my last final, I'm going home to sleep. The entire week I'm gonna be sleeping and eating. I'm going to finally relax and just breathe. No classes, no papers, no group projects, no exams just me and a book of my choice in my bed with a bowl of cereal"

That was what I told myself during finals week. My last final was on Monday. So why in the Fujianese chicken have I not slept till well after 1am only to wake up 7am ever blessed day?!?! Why!!! Chiamaka,why!!!! This is freaking ridiculous. I thought my first post after going MIA would be something joyful and very relaxed but nooooooooooooooo the people in my life are making me stressed. At this point, I would ALMOST gladly prepare and take a comprehensive final and that is a statement.

Goodnight people.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A short list of Adede's woes

So I have been very cranky lately, most likely caused by the 1 month and 2 weeks left of school and the shit load of shitty shit that needs to be completed within that time frame AND still Ace my Finals. But seeing many things for the past week has made extra upset and cranky. In any case here goes a short list of the crap that I deal with daily.

1. People who for some reason walk slow during rush hour when transferring trains. No shots at disabled, pregnant, stroller having, obese or elderly individuals. None at all because I have had to miss trains for my mom and her "I don't want to go and break my leg because of a train" attitude. But please if you have a condition that may slow you down, ESPECIALLY when the rest of us straphangers are trying to make transits to other trains or rush to class, at least wait for people to go before you. Its just courtesy in my opinion.

2. People who open their legs wide open covering two seats instead of one. Now I wouldn't have been as upset if when these ppl are asked to shift so that you- a tired college student, an elderly woman/man or  a PREGNANT LADY (Like for real, dudes do this more common too UGHHHH)- could sit down, would not look at you like you have four heads. Here's a snippet of the eye convo I have with these ppl:
Guy with legs wide open: "Where the fudge do you wanna sit?"
Me: "Mothersucker, in the seat that you did not pay for!!"
Guy with legs wide open: "O my GOD! So I'm suppose make myself uncomfortable cause of you?"
Me: "Really? Sitting only in the seat you paid $2.25 for will make you uncomfortable? May $4.50, bring a receipt and I won't complain!!"
Guy closes his legs and then looks at me from the peripheral.
Just the other day, I had to give up my seat to this pregnant lady who looked like she was around 34 weeks (I'm taking maternity right now. So awesome but so tedious!!) because no one and I mean no one wanted to get up. Now as someone who is lugging around a textbook, a laptop and series of folders, I can relate. But you just need to see the way everyone threw their eyes away when she got on, like, "Nah me give am belle??" *Tonto eyes* Followed by a long over exaggerated hiss.

3. Bus drivers or train conductors that see you running with the "Please don't go" look in the eyes, especially when you almost bust your behind several times while running and still leave you. Are you serious?! Like you didn't see me almost die trying to catch the freaking bus?!
Yesterday was one of the days that I need to take two trains and a bus (I HATE taking the bus) to get to clinical. As I get off the last train to get on the bus, late as fudge ice cream, I see the bus across the street. You can just imagine the freaking out like if I miss that bus I'm dead. So here I am waiting for the light to change so I can book across the street hoping this man would open the door for me. I dash across the street once the light was yellow and shouting my head off, please open the door ooo!! The man looks at me and STILL pulls the bus away. So I'm about to start balling because a minute late my prof. will not let you into the clinical. And then I look, the bus is waiting at another red light and the next bust stop isn't far. What did I do? Run to the next bus stop! "Adede you can make it, you can make it. You can do it as long as you set your mind to it" I did make it, before the bus too. I wanted to curse the bus driver out, bad and seriously but I just paid and went to sit down and ask GOD to bless him and make sure he remembers my face.

In any case, I've realized that this short list has gotten rather long so I'm going to cut it short here.
Hope everyone's having a wonderful month so far.

P.s. I saw a C-section. Story for another day

Lerra pipuls

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To say the least...

This has been the most unproductive spring break I've ever had. Yes I'm on spring break. So early right?? But yeah. Monday is coming soon so I have to bury my head in my books once again. Hope everyone has doing good. By the way, was I the only one that has been so badly affected by this whole time change?? Like I sleep late and still have to wake up early. Completely threw me off! Anyway I'm off to go do some writing.

Monday, March 5, 2012

In The Mood To Share

Not an STI/STD but a picture. I just love this one right HERE, definitely not better than the Baby Kay, for any of you that missed. But for some reason I love the pic. Rough, rugged, raw but still breathtaking. I can see myself sitting down, right in the middle of all the debris and watching the sun look like that. I'm weird like that, I know.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

When is enough, enough??

So of the late, I've been hearing things regarding relationships and every discussion ends with "When is enough, enough?"

So my dear blogger friends, what would you do in this scenario?
You've been dating your partner since high school for 6 years. You've had ups and downs, a couple break ups and get back togethers,  but you stuck through it all, you made it work. Now of the recent, lets say for a year now, your partner has been allowing family members, particularly siblings, to be more involved in your relationship than they ought to. It has gotten to the point where you and partner were getting it on and sibling  walks into the room, delivers a message and request for immediate attention. Mind you, all this time you are naked, mid-moan and partner is actually more focused on the messaged than you at this point. On other occasions, partner skips dates, meetings and moments to chill with you for siblings. Given we all have familial responsibilities but seriously, mid-moan?? Now you've spoken to your partner numerous times, even spoken to sibling but still the problems persist and has even led to conflict between sibling and further, backstabbing.  Now tomorrow is your 6th year anniversary and partner cannot make dinner reservations due to sibling duties.
What do you do?

I am very big on allowing ppl to make their own decisions. So my response is always or at least most of the time, if I'm not yelling, a question. In this case my questions for reflection were "What is your breaking point? What is the point you will NOT go beyond? Have you gone beyond it?"
Now in proper defense, partner was not perfect when you met. But you saw more good than bad. There have been things that could've and most definitely should've changed at some point, but like we all do at time, you got lost in the moment. Now 6 years down the line, those issue have become more bothersome than they were 4 years ago.
So what do you do? Do you decide to give up on 6 years of your life with this person? Do you do more talking to get this person to realize their faults after having done so numerous times?
What do you do?
I'm all ears ppl.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Kay

So my "friend" took some shots of this baby in his church and he is uber cute!!! This is my fav. and the only pic of the babe on the site Click Here. But of course as  per relations I saw more than one ;-).
I know I've been absent. School sturvs will NOT kill me!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Polite Insults

I give them so I know when they are being sent my way. Dude just asked me when did I become so cool. Response: When did your brain start functioning?

Going back to studying. LIES I TELL YOU LIES!!

Smoothies and other things

Just had the best smoothie all year made by yours truly. Funny since its the only smoothie I had all year. Anyway it was good. Orange and Banana. My sister who is 5 spells banana like this "bananananana". I asked her why so many "nana-s" she said because she doesn't know when it stops. Children, so cute. Anyways. A special THANK YOU to all those who showed care and concern. You guys are the best! Thank you. I feel so spezzcial. I've been able to get my mind back on track and focused and I've decided not to be the one to allow sheep to know their colors (insider). Don't you hate when ppl put that in a post. Use to make me feel left out. I'm still not explaining sha. Anyway going to study.
I forgot to mention. We (at church, I mean) were blessed in the presence of Kunle Meshida. His praise and worship is the business. Never sweated so much in church and it was worth it.
Anyway have a blessed week and remainder of the month.

Lerra pipuls

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Burnt Blogger

I've been such a burnt blogger for the past week now. Questioning who I am, what I'm doing, if its the correct career choice, etc. and in the end I just end up feeling sad. I refuse to say depressed, water never fill well oo abeg, in other words, it hasn't gotten to that point. Anywho, just wanted to say, Adede's alive, stressing and tired but alive. Hope everyone had a wonderful week(end) and something to look forward to, whether its Vals or not. :-).

Lerra pipuls

Friday, January 27, 2012


I suck at blogging, I know. It's just, well I'm a lazy writer. I'm not even gonna say that I haven't been here in a while. The honest truth is well, I have the words to say but don't have the strength to type it. Funny considering that I comment paragraphs on other blogs that I read daily. Any way, no shaking right? I'm forgiven? Thank you. You guys are so nizee (nice).

So about today's post. Yesterday I was coming back from clinical (OMG I had psych clinical on Tuesday and to say the least, I'm still stuck in Tuesday and Gender/OB is going good, on a cardiac unit for now, sha we'll save that gist for another day) and I got on the train going to school. The MTA and I aren't solid friends, I mean our friendship has "improved" over the years but definitely I'm not a fan. Anyway, I get on the train which I and most of New York had to pay $2.25, no bigs, it's a normal. But what killed me is that I got on the train, mind you I'm carrying this heavy bookbag and was waiting for the train for about 15 mins (I hate standing in place, feels like the world is moving and here I am just standing), and virtually every three-seater was occupied by two individuals and someone's bag. Some of the four-seaters were fully occupied where some only had two people with their legs wide open. Adedes and Adionmwans aka old women and old men, did you pay an extra $2.25 for your bags or to sit overtly comfortable in a train? I think not! Anyway, by the time I got on the train, there were about 10 people standing, are you kidding me?! There are seats but you're standing?! But then I found myself reluctant to vocalize my emotions or at least ask for a seat. By the time I reached the next stop my mind went "Adede, your mother did not birth a coward and even if you consider yourself one, ABEG tell someone to move their bag so you can sit, your back is about to break with this ovasabi (oversabi i.e. "you're being so extra") load. People, after being called or possibly being called a coward, the next thing to do is prove that you're not a coward so I went right ahead and asked someone to close their legs and shift so that I can sit. After sitting, I noticed the lady to my right was hissing, rolling her eyes, mumbling, all the things that are enough for me to ask her "What is your problem?" but like I always say, when you see trouble you keep walking until it's too close for comfort. Anyway I ignored her and pulled out my iPad and played Bad-Apple right until she began trying to create this invisible wall with her hand and she ended up touching me. So I said, very politely, "Can you please stop sliding your hand against my side?" Her response, "Can you please tell your jacket to stop touching mines?" I tell you, I started laughing, as in very loud. And I wasn't the only one that heard the rubbish that just came out of her mouth, the lady next her and several others were giggling. It was too funny so I continued on, "Jacket, Jacket, please stop touching the lady's jacket. She doesn't like it" then I faced the lady, "I've spoken to the jacket, but it's very stubborn, so please forgive regardless." Then the giggles in the train increased, for some ODD reason they people found this convo funny including myself. After a while, I guess she couldn't bear looking stupid or she actually reached her stop, so she got off the train.

People mehn, TOO funny, esp. New Yorkers.
Anyway got some school stuff to do so talk lerra pipuls!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Well just got a nice check in the mail and boy am I happy hence the "Ahhhhhhh" like the sound you make after drinking a very nice bottle of Coke or whatever drink of your preference. In any case, have I ever told any of you that I love to teach. Especially when it's stuff that I know and I'm somewhat good in. It's like I get in this zone. If I ever have the chance and the will to do a Masters in Education I promise I will. But I hate writing, will try not to focus on that part. In any case, this evening mom came home and said she found out something very "interesting". The "interesting" scenario was, "A doctor orders the wrong medication/dosage of medication for a patient and the nurse administers it, the nurse is liable" Her response was the nurse works under the doctor and therefore the doctor should be liable. Of course as a student nurse I was kind of offended but then I took on the tone of one of my teachers and taught my mom a lil about the multidisciplinary team of health professionals where no one is working below any one but rather along side. Added about two scenarios to enhance my point and then got sidetracked and talked about some disease that I had learned last semester.
In the end, I did another Ahhhhhhh. That makes two in one night, I'm on a roll which will probably last till when I wake up tomorrow and start listing all the things I need to do, buy and think of for the next week. Anyway. Lerra pipuls hope everyone's Friday is going good.


I do this all the time. I curse and complain about how much I hate school and the tons of work that I have to do while I'm in it and swear up and down that I can't wait for a break to just chill, there's a hand motion associated with the chilling. Then I get the break and it's like I have NOTHING going on with my life. Then I turn into this dullo who just sits at the computer and read the same stuff all day because well I have NOTHING to do. And then right before school resumes I start getting all jittery. Textbooks start coming in, more pens and pencils are bought, I start to rearrange my highlighters, start making a studying schedule which I never follow, and all the other stuff and then I realize that my break is over and very soon I'll be dealing with some gruesome work. Then the weeks of boredom suddenly transform into excitement, anxiety, fear, readiness and nervousness all in one. Well I'm going back to my bed to enjoy this rainy day in NY because I know this is one out of the very few that I'll be able to enjoy from here on. School starts next week. GOD help me.

Well, hope everyone has been doing well and enjoy break if they're still on it and possibly enjoying school if they've resumed.
If you're looking for updates on the Fuel Subsidy situation there are many things going on both home and abroad. A friend of mines is following the current events in Nigeria. His site is OrionPixels Check it out. Leave an opinion if you like. In any case stay cool!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest"

I was gonna apologize for my short "Happy New Year" post and talk about my day until I went to dashboard and read some stuff, more important stuff.
I heard about the fuel subsidy on New Year's day but I was to drunk on happy to put any serious thought into it. A friend of mines sent me a link to get more info on the subsidy but I didn't have "time" to look at it. Well I just finished reading it and after going on a rant I decided to come and release some anger until I saw something that is more than my rant or anger, something that can bring change and I'm hoping it will.
The Nigerian Federal Government has removed the fuel subsidy which basically helped Nigerians, at least most of us, make fuel more affordable. The removal of the fuel subsidy will definitely (i don't care what anyone says) affect everyone including those of us aunties, uncles and children abroad, so don't think you're exempted. The prices of traveling will increase, the prices of goods will increase because the price of transporting the goods has increased, price of getting an education will increase because teachers salary will have to go up to accommodate for the increase in transportation, in short getting anything that is not within walking distance will cost MORE MONEY. For those sending money back home, if ₦50 use to buy enough bread, they now need ₦100, in other words, you have to send more money. 
Not even to talk about that, has anyone seen the 2012 budget of the Nigerian Federal Government? 
There it goes people! And if this has not satisfied you please click on (or copy to your browser) this link

Not one place on that list does it state that they are going to use some money to combat the on-going terrorism, neither is there any slot for aid to the surviving victims and families of the past attacks.
Basically the Nigerian Government is telling us that "We know you know what we are doing. But we also know you can't do norrin! HAHAHAHAHA" So please, everyone, anyone, someone, we all have a role to play and we should, if not for anything for the sole fact that the ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE MEANT TO SERVE THEIR PEOPLE and all obvious points to the fact that they are not doing their sole duty! So please out of the goodness in your heart, however small, do the following as copied from Madame Sting's blog:

What You can do (Everyone has a part to play)

So I am asking all Nigerian bloggers and other interested parties to join me in a Nigerian Bloggers Protest for a week starting from today or by tomorrow. To join the protest:

1. Do a similar post of your own on your blog using the title "GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest"

2. Add the pic/tabled diagram in this post

3. Publish your post today or latest by tomorrow

4. Please allow for seven days on your blog or place in a prime position on your blog for seven days.

5. You can still play your part as a non-blogger: share on facebook, twitter and other relevant social media. 
6. Journalists, use your media space.

*Copied from Madame Sting's blog who copied from Adura's blog.  

 I am pleading to anyone who is out there, please do what you need to do to stop this insult to people and idiotic form of "government"