Friday, March 23, 2012

A short list of Adede's woes

So I have been very cranky lately, most likely caused by the 1 month and 2 weeks left of school and the shit load of shitty shit that needs to be completed within that time frame AND still Ace my Finals. But seeing many things for the past week has made extra upset and cranky. In any case here goes a short list of the crap that I deal with daily.

1. People who for some reason walk slow during rush hour when transferring trains. No shots at disabled, pregnant, stroller having, obese or elderly individuals. None at all because I have had to miss trains for my mom and her "I don't want to go and break my leg because of a train" attitude. But please if you have a condition that may slow you down, ESPECIALLY when the rest of us straphangers are trying to make transits to other trains or rush to class, at least wait for people to go before you. Its just courtesy in my opinion.

2. People who open their legs wide open covering two seats instead of one. Now I wouldn't have been as upset if when these ppl are asked to shift so that you- a tired college student, an elderly woman/man or  a PREGNANT LADY (Like for real, dudes do this more common too UGHHHH)- could sit down, would not look at you like you have four heads. Here's a snippet of the eye convo I have with these ppl:
Guy with legs wide open: "Where the fudge do you wanna sit?"
Me: "Mothersucker, in the seat that you did not pay for!!"
Guy with legs wide open: "O my GOD! So I'm suppose make myself uncomfortable cause of you?"
Me: "Really? Sitting only in the seat you paid $2.25 for will make you uncomfortable? May $4.50, bring a receipt and I won't complain!!"
Guy closes his legs and then looks at me from the peripheral.
Just the other day, I had to give up my seat to this pregnant lady who looked like she was around 34 weeks (I'm taking maternity right now. So awesome but so tedious!!) because no one and I mean no one wanted to get up. Now as someone who is lugging around a textbook, a laptop and series of folders, I can relate. But you just need to see the way everyone threw their eyes away when she got on, like, "Nah me give am belle??" *Tonto eyes* Followed by a long over exaggerated hiss.

3. Bus drivers or train conductors that see you running with the "Please don't go" look in the eyes, especially when you almost bust your behind several times while running and still leave you. Are you serious?! Like you didn't see me almost die trying to catch the freaking bus?!
Yesterday was one of the days that I need to take two trains and a bus (I HATE taking the bus) to get to clinical. As I get off the last train to get on the bus, late as fudge ice cream, I see the bus across the street. You can just imagine the freaking out like if I miss that bus I'm dead. So here I am waiting for the light to change so I can book across the street hoping this man would open the door for me. I dash across the street once the light was yellow and shouting my head off, please open the door ooo!! The man looks at me and STILL pulls the bus away. So I'm about to start balling because a minute late my prof. will not let you into the clinical. And then I look, the bus is waiting at another red light and the next bust stop isn't far. What did I do? Run to the next bus stop! "Adede you can make it, you can make it. You can do it as long as you set your mind to it" I did make it, before the bus too. I wanted to curse the bus driver out, bad and seriously but I just paid and went to sit down and ask GOD to bless him and make sure he remembers my face.

In any case, I've realized that this short list has gotten rather long so I'm going to cut it short here.
Hope everyone's having a wonderful month so far.

P.s. I saw a C-section. Story for another day

Lerra pipuls

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To say the least...

This has been the most unproductive spring break I've ever had. Yes I'm on spring break. So early right?? But yeah. Monday is coming soon so I have to bury my head in my books once again. Hope everyone has doing good. By the way, was I the only one that has been so badly affected by this whole time change?? Like I sleep late and still have to wake up early. Completely threw me off! Anyway I'm off to go do some writing.

Monday, March 5, 2012

In The Mood To Share

Not an STI/STD but a picture. I just love this one right HERE, definitely not better than the Baby Kay, for any of you that missed. But for some reason I love the pic. Rough, rugged, raw but still breathtaking. I can see myself sitting down, right in the middle of all the debris and watching the sun look like that. I'm weird like that, I know.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

When is enough, enough??

So of the late, I've been hearing things regarding relationships and every discussion ends with "When is enough, enough?"

So my dear blogger friends, what would you do in this scenario?
You've been dating your partner since high school for 6 years. You've had ups and downs, a couple break ups and get back togethers,  but you stuck through it all, you made it work. Now of the recent, lets say for a year now, your partner has been allowing family members, particularly siblings, to be more involved in your relationship than they ought to. It has gotten to the point where you and partner were getting it on and sibling  walks into the room, delivers a message and request for immediate attention. Mind you, all this time you are naked, mid-moan and partner is actually more focused on the messaged than you at this point. On other occasions, partner skips dates, meetings and moments to chill with you for siblings. Given we all have familial responsibilities but seriously, mid-moan?? Now you've spoken to your partner numerous times, even spoken to sibling but still the problems persist and has even led to conflict between sibling and further, backstabbing.  Now tomorrow is your 6th year anniversary and partner cannot make dinner reservations due to sibling duties.
What do you do?

I am very big on allowing ppl to make their own decisions. So my response is always or at least most of the time, if I'm not yelling, a question. In this case my questions for reflection were "What is your breaking point? What is the point you will NOT go beyond? Have you gone beyond it?"
Now in proper defense, partner was not perfect when you met. But you saw more good than bad. There have been things that could've and most definitely should've changed at some point, but like we all do at time, you got lost in the moment. Now 6 years down the line, those issue have become more bothersome than they were 4 years ago.
So what do you do? Do you decide to give up on 6 years of your life with this person? Do you do more talking to get this person to realize their faults after having done so numerous times?
What do you do?
I'm all ears ppl.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Kay

So my "friend" took some shots of this baby in his church and he is uber cute!!! This is my fav. and the only pic of the babe on the site Click Here. But of course as  per relations I saw more than one ;-).
I know I've been absent. School sturvs will NOT kill me!!