Sunday, July 22, 2012


During these late solitary hours of my life, I have realized that...

When we are so kids...
We have the energy, the spirit but not the sense

When we are teenagers...
We have the energy, the spirit, may/may not have the sense but not the funds

When we are young adults...
We have the energy, the spirit, the sense, the funds, but responsibilities

When we are old...
We have the spirit, the sense, the funds, responsibilities that have only become part of who we are but not the energy

The point is...
Something will always hold you back from doing what you want to do at EVERY stage of your life. There is not a stage with the perfect setting so make do and the best out of that which is in front of you.

This summer has to be less boring. July is about to say goodbye to me and very soon my posts will focus around the anger and frustration, so I gotss to henjoyy myself.

"You know better, now do better"-- I have know idea.

P.S. The "We" is more of "Me" but I refuse to call only myself out:-p

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now You're Just Somebody...

I was sitting on my bed when my phone rang. Of course only one person could be calling me at this time, but given that said person was in the kitchen warming pepper soup, I couldn't make a guess. I had just downloaded "Somebody That I Use To Know" by Gotye ft. Kimbra and it was pumping through my earphones. Stretching over to get my phone off the dresser, I picked the phone to look at the number. It was my ex. Before my brain said decline, my fingers slid across the decline button.

"But you didn't have to cut me off//Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing//And I don't even need your love//But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough"

Leave me alone.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Like Your Serere...

I got a thing for Mr. May D. I don't know what it is, but his voice makes me want to leave what I'm doing and dance. Thanks to the faithful Gidilounge, which is like the African Pandora, I have been expanding my iTunes library with more African songs. Hallelujah, praise the LORD. Anyway, what brought me here post-redecoration was to shout, I wanna parrryyyyyyyy!

                                                                  I Want To Know You

Ile Ijo

My tunez for the weekend.

Lerra pipuls

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dum Dum Dummmmmm

I want to assume and laugh that most people came here and reentered the web address to this blog again and hit enter at least twice. As you can all see, I've updated my blog layout and changed the template and all the works. Was it only my eyes that hurt trying to read orange? If not why didn't anyone complain?? Anywho, to give you readers a more comfortable view of my online one bedroom apartment, kitchen, bathroom and BIG parlor, I have redecorated. Happy reading!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Title

Today I attempted to make a recording and post but I'm a rambler and I lost focus of the main topic three times on separate recordings so I just effed it and decided blog typing is easier than blog recording. Anywho, the recording focused on two main things, friendships and and a situation that occurred earlier today.


I'm not a fan of disloyal people. I don't think there is anyone on this planet that is, yet loyalty seems to be a problem for some. I was thinking of an event that happened three years ago between an ex friend and myself. The situation only gets me agitated because of the way things ended. A verbal fight on Facebook which ended all ties to the individual. There are alot of things that I cannot be embarrased about but that event was not one of them. The person, lets call "Panasonic", and I were like this **crosses fingers tight**, we drank from the same cup and ate from the same plate. In my book, eating out of the same plate translates to "I'd cut my toe for you". Anyway, yeah, we were close. We had already been growing apart and what not, but it was just one of those things that could have been ironed out when we would have met and chatted again. Panasonic use to live down the hall and suddenly moved to the opposite side of the complex. We were both busy with school and stuff so I understood why we didn't see as often. But I never thought we had a problem. Well Facebook helped me realized that there indeed was, because an individual who i had only known by name helped me see that my business, which only Panasonic knew, had been aired to the world. To top it off, Panasonic egged the acquaintance on, to keep talking, to keep insulting. Someone said, "When you are weak, someone will be strong enough for you. That person is to be cherished forever." That person was my cousin. The feeling of complete nakedness only to be swiftly dissipated by complete shelter was overwhelming. I still get the punched gut feeling every time I think about it. I look back on this event as an eye opener though. A big one. To know how weak one friendship was and how strong another will always be.

The situation earlier today...

Why do people do things that they know they aren't suppose to? That they know are wrong? And then why do they get upset when you point out the wrongness of their deed? It is a known fact that no one is allowed to eat in the main sanctuary. I practically turned it into a sing-along with the children. Yet adults do it anyway. Is there a point in life where you are above rules and regulations? So a child celebrated their birthday today and blessed us with cake. There was leftovers so the mother, after church, decided to share it for the adults. No problem here. The problem arose when she decided to share it in the main sanctuary. Why would she do this? I have no idea. Absolutely none. Of course another member of the church told her that it wasn't allowed, repeatedly. At this point, the mother got upset that the lady had told her of the rule she was breaking repeatedly and started shouting at the other member and it turned into a "Hold me back! Hold me back!" situation. Vexed could not begin to describe how I felt! Women! You are in church and in front of children! To top it off, people were saying that the husband of the lady sharing cake didn't say anything, he didn't tell his wife to stop, he didn't tell her to shut up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Are you not master of your own actions? Are you not conscious of the decisions you are making? Are you not fully aware that you are NOT to eat in the main sanctuary and are you fully aware that you are showing no regard for that rule? GTFOHWTBS! Her husband could say nothing because there was nothing to be said. She knew what she was doing and him saying anything would have only resulted in her insulting her husband in public. Yes, she can be rude like that. People, it is simple. In my books, you will always be held accountable for your actions, even if they are made at gunpoint. You may not be blamable or found at fault, but accountable you will always be. Kill vs. Be killed. There is a choice to make. However unfriendly or disgusting both choices are, they are there and you will choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Lerra pipuls.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Deux

I want to learn French and Russian and Japanese. Yup just those three.

You know when you're experiencing some emotions and a song comes up that compacts all those feelings into less than four minutes. Stunning experience mehn. Stunning.

I have a thing for flowers. I had to ask myself, "Is this my inner calling for a wedding?" It was funny that I even asked myself the question. How are the two equal?

"The stars! The moon! They have all been blown out!" J'adore Florence + The Machine

I want to swim but I don't know how to swim. I'll opt for a long shower.

Dare I say it? Dare I? I dare! I miss school!

**Runs off to the hills screaming*

P.S. As you can tell, life for me is bleh. Sha we thank GOD.