Friday, January 27, 2012


I suck at blogging, I know. It's just, well I'm a lazy writer. I'm not even gonna say that I haven't been here in a while. The honest truth is well, I have the words to say but don't have the strength to type it. Funny considering that I comment paragraphs on other blogs that I read daily. Any way, no shaking right? I'm forgiven? Thank you. You guys are so nizee (nice).

So about today's post. Yesterday I was coming back from clinical (OMG I had psych clinical on Tuesday and to say the least, I'm still stuck in Tuesday and Gender/OB is going good, on a cardiac unit for now, sha we'll save that gist for another day) and I got on the train going to school. The MTA and I aren't solid friends, I mean our friendship has "improved" over the years but definitely I'm not a fan. Anyway, I get on the train which I and most of New York had to pay $2.25, no bigs, it's a normal. But what killed me is that I got on the train, mind you I'm carrying this heavy bookbag and was waiting for the train for about 15 mins (I hate standing in place, feels like the world is moving and here I am just standing), and virtually every three-seater was occupied by two individuals and someone's bag. Some of the four-seaters were fully occupied where some only had two people with their legs wide open. Adedes and Adionmwans aka old women and old men, did you pay an extra $2.25 for your bags or to sit overtly comfortable in a train? I think not! Anyway, by the time I got on the train, there were about 10 people standing, are you kidding me?! There are seats but you're standing?! But then I found myself reluctant to vocalize my emotions or at least ask for a seat. By the time I reached the next stop my mind went "Adede, your mother did not birth a coward and even if you consider yourself one, ABEG tell someone to move their bag so you can sit, your back is about to break with this ovasabi (oversabi i.e. "you're being so extra") load. People, after being called or possibly being called a coward, the next thing to do is prove that you're not a coward so I went right ahead and asked someone to close their legs and shift so that I can sit. After sitting, I noticed the lady to my right was hissing, rolling her eyes, mumbling, all the things that are enough for me to ask her "What is your problem?" but like I always say, when you see trouble you keep walking until it's too close for comfort. Anyway I ignored her and pulled out my iPad and played Bad-Apple right until she began trying to create this invisible wall with her hand and she ended up touching me. So I said, very politely, "Can you please stop sliding your hand against my side?" Her response, "Can you please tell your jacket to stop touching mines?" I tell you, I started laughing, as in very loud. And I wasn't the only one that heard the rubbish that just came out of her mouth, the lady next her and several others were giggling. It was too funny so I continued on, "Jacket, Jacket, please stop touching the lady's jacket. She doesn't like it" then I faced the lady, "I've spoken to the jacket, but it's very stubborn, so please forgive regardless." Then the giggles in the train increased, for some ODD reason they people found this convo funny including myself. After a while, I guess she couldn't bear looking stupid or she actually reached her stop, so she got off the train.

People mehn, TOO funny, esp. New Yorkers.
Anyway got some school stuff to do so talk lerra pipuls!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Well just got a nice check in the mail and boy am I happy hence the "Ahhhhhhh" like the sound you make after drinking a very nice bottle of Coke or whatever drink of your preference. In any case, have I ever told any of you that I love to teach. Especially when it's stuff that I know and I'm somewhat good in. It's like I get in this zone. If I ever have the chance and the will to do a Masters in Education I promise I will. But I hate writing, will try not to focus on that part. In any case, this evening mom came home and said she found out something very "interesting". The "interesting" scenario was, "A doctor orders the wrong medication/dosage of medication for a patient and the nurse administers it, the nurse is liable" Her response was the nurse works under the doctor and therefore the doctor should be liable. Of course as a student nurse I was kind of offended but then I took on the tone of one of my teachers and taught my mom a lil about the multidisciplinary team of health professionals where no one is working below any one but rather along side. Added about two scenarios to enhance my point and then got sidetracked and talked about some disease that I had learned last semester.
In the end, I did another Ahhhhhhh. That makes two in one night, I'm on a roll which will probably last till when I wake up tomorrow and start listing all the things I need to do, buy and think of for the next week. Anyway. Lerra pipuls hope everyone's Friday is going good.


I do this all the time. I curse and complain about how much I hate school and the tons of work that I have to do while I'm in it and swear up and down that I can't wait for a break to just chill, there's a hand motion associated with the chilling. Then I get the break and it's like I have NOTHING going on with my life. Then I turn into this dullo who just sits at the computer and read the same stuff all day because well I have NOTHING to do. And then right before school resumes I start getting all jittery. Textbooks start coming in, more pens and pencils are bought, I start to rearrange my highlighters, start making a studying schedule which I never follow, and all the other stuff and then I realize that my break is over and very soon I'll be dealing with some gruesome work. Then the weeks of boredom suddenly transform into excitement, anxiety, fear, readiness and nervousness all in one. Well I'm going back to my bed to enjoy this rainy day in NY because I know this is one out of the very few that I'll be able to enjoy from here on. School starts next week. GOD help me.

Well, hope everyone has been doing well and enjoy break if they're still on it and possibly enjoying school if they've resumed.
If you're looking for updates on the Fuel Subsidy situation there are many things going on both home and abroad. A friend of mines is following the current events in Nigeria. His site is OrionPixels Check it out. Leave an opinion if you like. In any case stay cool!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest"

I was gonna apologize for my short "Happy New Year" post and talk about my day until I went to dashboard and read some stuff, more important stuff.
I heard about the fuel subsidy on New Year's day but I was to drunk on happy to put any serious thought into it. A friend of mines sent me a link to get more info on the subsidy but I didn't have "time" to look at it. Well I just finished reading it and after going on a rant I decided to come and release some anger until I saw something that is more than my rant or anger, something that can bring change and I'm hoping it will.
The Nigerian Federal Government has removed the fuel subsidy which basically helped Nigerians, at least most of us, make fuel more affordable. The removal of the fuel subsidy will definitely (i don't care what anyone says) affect everyone including those of us aunties, uncles and children abroad, so don't think you're exempted. The prices of traveling will increase, the prices of goods will increase because the price of transporting the goods has increased, price of getting an education will increase because teachers salary will have to go up to accommodate for the increase in transportation, in short getting anything that is not within walking distance will cost MORE MONEY. For those sending money back home, if ₦50 use to buy enough bread, they now need ₦100, in other words, you have to send more money. 
Not even to talk about that, has anyone seen the 2012 budget of the Nigerian Federal Government? 
There it goes people! And if this has not satisfied you please click on (or copy to your browser) this link

Not one place on that list does it state that they are going to use some money to combat the on-going terrorism, neither is there any slot for aid to the surviving victims and families of the past attacks.
Basically the Nigerian Government is telling us that "We know you know what we are doing. But we also know you can't do norrin! HAHAHAHAHA" So please, everyone, anyone, someone, we all have a role to play and we should, if not for anything for the sole fact that the ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE MEANT TO SERVE THEIR PEOPLE and all obvious points to the fact that they are not doing their sole duty! So please out of the goodness in your heart, however small, do the following as copied from Madame Sting's blog:

What You can do (Everyone has a part to play)

So I am asking all Nigerian bloggers and other interested parties to join me in a Nigerian Bloggers Protest for a week starting from today or by tomorrow. To join the protest:

1. Do a similar post of your own on your blog using the title "GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest"

2. Add the pic/tabled diagram in this post

3. Publish your post today or latest by tomorrow

4. Please allow for seven days on your blog or place in a prime position on your blog for seven days.

5. You can still play your part as a non-blogger: share on facebook, twitter and other relevant social media. 
6. Journalists, use your media space.

*Copied from Madame Sting's blog who copied from Adura's blog.  

 I am pleading to anyone who is out there, please do what you need to do to stop this insult to people and idiotic form of "government"