Saturday, December 31, 2011

If You Are Seeing This Post....

You made it to 2012!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pray that which you've ask be granted unto you in JESUS name!!!!
Just wanted to make a quick post, have to go to bed cause I have to wake up early to cook!
Lerra pipuls.
Happy New Year again!!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Thought

I apologize for my lack of blogging. I literally have nothing interesting (as if the previous posts were interesting smh) to blog about. So here I am trying to make sure that I don't just stop blogging and in the process was thinking about something inconsequential but yet somewhat important.

Since the first time I attended a wedding the saying always use to be "I now pronounce you husband and wife" but recently I've been hearing "I now pronounce you man and wife" I never use to put serious thought into these things but while walking from the bus stop yesterday it came and this is exactly what my internal response was, "Why the hell do they make it seem like the man is not bound to the woman just as much as the woman is bound to the man?! Making it seem like he's still single talking about "man". I don't like it oooo. Mr. Pastor, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Whoever-is-presiding-over-the wedding, don't try me oo and come and say "man and wife" because homeboy is bound! As in bound to me and I am bound to him, simple!" There was of course some hissing involved and "can you imagine" all over the place but yeah, what's up with that?? "Man and Wife". Some people may read this and say I'm jobless, why yes, yes I am, but still its one of those things that comes through my mind and gets me upset. We all have those right? Random Thoughts?

Anywhichway sha, the new year is coming!! Or rather, we're going to meet it. Any way you look at it, 2012 is a few days away. I don't think I'll do the resolution list, they always fail me in the end and I end up feeling like a failure. I'll just do my normal reflection and view ways to change certain things. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!! Lerra pipuls!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Its Over!!!!!!

Hello people!!!! I know, I've been away. Not for too long I hope. But yeah, finals were eating me alive, but I survived!!! Kicked butt more like it! Anyway, finals are finally over and I'm finally able to allow my mind to wander to place other than the pathophysiology of acute renal failure or my priority diagnosis. I want to first thank all those who were wishing me the best. Arrigato. It was MUCHO GRANDE appreciated. (I very often mix languages together). I wanted to make a post but I tell you, if I did, I wouldn't be able to get off and then I wouldn't be in the state of "jolliness" that I'm in now so it was for the best, I believe. Once again thank you.
Well I really only came to post to let everyone know that finals did not kill me. I made it. I wish those who took or are still taking (sucks to be you) the best. See you pipul lerra when I have something berra to talk about. As you can tell, I am very much about to KO. Night!

Lerra pipuls.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Want to make a quick pit stop and say hello. Hi
Finals are here!!! Shoot me much!!!!!!  It's only in my house that we call each other on cellphones to ask questions rather than going to the next room. Ok. Lerra pipuls!

Update: While I was supposed to be studying, I found this really nice quote on facebook (I did say I was supposed) and thought I should share. Here it goes: Happiness is something that muliplies when it is divided. [Paulo Coelho].

Ok. Back to studying. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The After Effects

So yesterday was my last day of clinical and boy was it good. We didn't really do anything like normal clinical days, we had a poster to present so we were basically finishing it and just chilled out with the residents at the nursing home. Something that was surprising was one particular resident. For the past 6 weeks that we've been there, this lady has always been sad, crying, sedentary and she barely spoke and even when she did, it was to us the students and was very short. Yesterday, we got there and she was all smiles and going off, asking us questions, answering questions and such. We all had different theories to why she was like this but I'll share only one, said by yours truly, "Santa came last night "(haha you are free to laugh at my ridiculousness, but I did have a more serious one). In any case, it was such a turn around that it hurt to have to leave. Anyway, we finished up our project and the last tidbit assignments and finally presented the poster to two residents (referring to the elders) who were around and our clinical professor. It went great, considering that we had couldn't agree on anything at the beginning of the project. Once we finished the presentation, we handed the professor a picture, signed by all of us (this was her first clinical class) and did the whole group hug thing. Now it was at this point that everything hit me, the clinical was over and goodbyes were being said and honestly, it kinda hurt (I hate goodbyes, I prefer laters). So in the line of being who we were, we all went to say bye to the patients, particularly those we had cared for throughout the 6 weeks. Most of them were saddened and said they'll miss us and to be honest, I think all of us will miss them. They wished us good luck and the rest and we left, for the last time.

Four of us went to eat lunch, the only reason why we went was be brought food, thinking this would have been a regular clinical day. So we had what we coined "a cultural food awakening" We swapped food and the rest and after suffering food coma, went home.

After all this, only one thing is really stuck in my head, will I eventually become one of those that learn, understand, want to change the aspect in which care is given and then get lost in the system? Having now watched what goes down in a nursing home, having given care and tried to change areas where due diligence of care was not fully given, will I "forget", like some what is due to elders and all other individuals that I care for? On a very serious note, I have always been one of those that does not like to forget where I came from, what it took to get here and the learning that occurred on the way but seeing two nurses, sometimes one,  having to work with over 25 patients with their only source of help as the first-semester nursing students, its hard to think that aspects of care are not "forgotten".

By the grace of GOD, I won't. And if in any point in my career I do, I would hope that those that read and care will tell me so and if you're not good at confrontation, think of this less a confrontation and more of a reminder lol. I know at least two people that will not hesitate ;-)

P.s. I am very much aware of the strain on health professionals. There are a few of us and many patients and care must be given to them. But I just feel and hope that we all work in an environment where individuals are not just MR #s but as individuals. Yes, I am a freshman in this but please believe that I am not new to caring.

Anywhichway sha, it's Saturday and I have papers to write and studying to get done so lerra pipuls.

Hope you've had and will have a wonderful week, esp. for those with finals coming up.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

So instead of studying for my Comp exam which I must get 100 in, (not even a joke, I have to get 100 to move forward in the program) I made some attempts in tying my geles. Lets just say the previous post  was like the best I've ever tied a gele. Anywhichway sha, its finally that time in the semester when  time is just dragging even though things are hitting from the left and right. Have projects to do, papers to type, and A LOT of studying to get done. Can't wait till its all over so I can just relax and not think of school whatsoever.

Anyway, yeah this post is short but hope you guys are having a good week or had a good week depending on how you look at it. In any case, lerra pipuls.