Sunday, February 19, 2012

Polite Insults

I give them so I know when they are being sent my way. Dude just asked me when did I become so cool. Response: When did your brain start functioning?

Going back to studying. LIES I TELL YOU LIES!!

Smoothies and other things

Just had the best smoothie all year made by yours truly. Funny since its the only smoothie I had all year. Anyway it was good. Orange and Banana. My sister who is 5 spells banana like this "bananananana". I asked her why so many "nana-s" she said because she doesn't know when it stops. Children, so cute. Anyways. A special THANK YOU to all those who showed care and concern. You guys are the best! Thank you. I feel so spezzcial. I've been able to get my mind back on track and focused and I've decided not to be the one to allow sheep to know their colors (insider). Don't you hate when ppl put that in a post. Use to make me feel left out. I'm still not explaining sha. Anyway going to study.
I forgot to mention. We (at church, I mean) were blessed in the presence of Kunle Meshida. His praise and worship is the business. Never sweated so much in church and it was worth it.
Anyway have a blessed week and remainder of the month.

Lerra pipuls

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Burnt Blogger

I've been such a burnt blogger for the past week now. Questioning who I am, what I'm doing, if its the correct career choice, etc. and in the end I just end up feeling sad. I refuse to say depressed, water never fill well oo abeg, in other words, it hasn't gotten to that point. Anywho, just wanted to say, Adede's alive, stressing and tired but alive. Hope everyone had a wonderful week(end) and something to look forward to, whether its Vals or not. :-).

Lerra pipuls