Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ms. Sandy

She couldn't have been married with all the wreckage she did in my area. Boardwalk uprooted and misplaced in people's living rooms, cars drowned in water, fires in various areas and then no electricity for two weeks. Lets just say my October into November transition has been very sour. But in all, I learned a couple of things from the old miss.

1. You are born alone and you will die alone. You may not necessarily die alone but you understand the gist. Everybody answer their papa name when gbese knack.
2. Surprises are everywhere and can come from anyone. During a time of need, want, need/want, people will surprise you and that goes for the people who you know love you, the people who you think love you and the people who don't. 
3. You can survive it. Whether you will is a different story but you can do it. You know that quote, "You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only thing you can be" or something like that, Mademoiselle Sting (yes I've changed your name for you) reminded me of it just days before Miss Sandy arrived. And there I was having to make it through darkness with no type of communication with the outside world and still go to school the next week and take exams and hand in papers, I swear I thought I would pass out and start crying like a big baby as I waited for the dollar van to arrive because buses wouldn't go into the area because of the darkness. Actually I did cry and then I remembered that tears won't take my ass home. 
4. There may be someone in a "better" situation than you, but remember that you are in a "better" situation than someone. We all face different battles. I am still feeling pain for those in Staten Island. My heart prays for a better day for them everyday. I mean my situation was bad, real bad but I know people that some of the things they've lost are irreplaceable and the pain is inconsolable. To those in Staten Island, other parts of New York, New Jersey, and anywhere else that suffered any type of loss, may GOD restore unto and comfort you.
5. The best food and gist is made when there is no light. Things like family and neighbor gist hardly occur when there's TV shows, internet access and a working phone. When was the last time I sang with my sisters and had a good laugh with mi familia, or went to see my friend in the next building, prior to Hurricane or as they now call it, Superstorm Sandy, I hadn't seen my family friend in months and she lives in the next building. I saw her more in the one week than I had seen her all year. Without electricity, no blender or microwave, come and taste the delicious stew your homegirl made. I would have never guessed. Everything just reminded of days in my gmom's house in Benin. I was to young to really enjoy it and participate, but the laughter that I heard was real and I never knew what I was laughing at but I laughed because it felt good. It never happened anytime else unless in the darkness with candlelights flicking everywhere. Good times people, good times.

Hope anyone that had to make love to their bed without light as Miss Sandy passed made it out OK. Stay cool. Lerra pipuls.