Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being Boring

After 7 weeks of school, I realized I have done nothing other than eat, sleep, go to school, study, write papers, take quizzes and exams. That's it, nothing more and nothing less. I have not gone out, other than the store to buy food and classes, I have seen none of my friends AND me and my computer have developed a habit of looking for websites just to see something other than this dreary life I've been living. So having ran out of websites that interest me I decided to write a little post which was a big fib. Maybe to make it seem that this blog, better yet, my life, was, somewhere along the line, interesting and I wasn't just another random individual with no life who wanted to take up space on the internet. Well, as I was writing, I decided not to post it. It was stupid to try and be someone I really wasn't. Yes maybe once in a while I would like to be living a different life, doing different things but I will always and forever want to be Osas. Lying about my life is one of the things I don't want to do, especially on a blog where I really don't need to. Anyway so yes, my life has been and will be for the next 2 years be somewhat dreary and boring, but maybe, keyword maybe, there will be moments that I can share that will amuse you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Up since 1 am. Writing up a care plan. Ughhhh its so frustrating because I have a midterm and then a quiz later. Which kind school be dis mehnn. The sad part is that as much as the school has piled this massive load on my head, its kind of my fault that I didn't get most of the work done. Been lollygagging all week so its actually my fault. All the days of making full use of my Netflix subscription, catching up on sweet sleep that I've been missing and randomly browsing the internet are all bitting me in the ass right now. Ughhhhh school, why do you hate me so!??!
Anyway I need to go back to work before blogging ends up biting me in the ass when I'm looking at the conversion question on my Med Admin midterm.
Have a nice day guys, my HIS grace I will.

P.s. I'm a nursing student that's the reason for "care plan" and "Med Admin".

Saturday, October 15, 2011

So I Had To...

I decided to delete all the past posts because in reality, none of them made sense. They were childish thoughts that roamed in my then (hopefully I am at liberty to say that)childish mind. I'm not ashamed of them, but I don't want them up here, its my prerogative. Thank you very much. Any way here I go again, with a blog hopefully I'll stick to it and not end up like one of those bloggers who post every other month.

By the way "Adede" in my language means Old woman, pronounced as /ay-day-day/ (you can't Google this and find the correct pronunciation but yh there you have it).

Peace Love and Harmony!!