Sunday, November 27, 2011

Days After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was good. Had some great apple pie courtesy the store my cousin bought it from. It was ummm ummm good! In all, family and food was good and I really did have fun, heard some stories that I hope in time eventually get lost in my brain o_O. The next day you ask, Friday or what I with the rest of America label as Black Friday? It was good. Rather than sleeping in after having Apple pie coma, (for some reason I baked a turkey, went to my cousin's house where she had two turkeys, yes two, and didn't eat any part of a bird, smh) I decided to wake myself up at 5am and go mega-sale hunting, mind you most shoppers were probably back from shopping at this time. Got a lot of deals and boy was I happy. Btw, did anyone hear about the lady who pepper-sprayed ppl to gain an advantage over other customers in a store? My response if I was there: someone, anyone should have held on to her so that when I finally cleaned my eyes in someway, I would have socked her in her jaw. How dare she?!?! But then again I wasn't there so... moving on. Anyway, on Saturday, in my marvelous efforts of procrastinating work, guess who learned how to tie a gele?? Me!! Courtsey my mom who is like the queen (in my house) of gele tying. For those who aren't aware of what it is, gele is a head wrap mostly worn during celebrations or gatherings by Nigerian women. I'm sure other nationalities wear them but I'm not aware of the particulars. In any case, here's a picture after numerous trials and errors

After finally getting it, my mom proclaimed that I must wear one at every event. Yeah right!
Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving of weekend if you don't celebrate. Finally going to start all the work I've been putting off since Monday. Ahhh the sleepless nights begin, again.

P.S. If any one is wondering what's that l at the end of some words, its really an exclamation mark but the font I use doesn't show it as such.

Lerra pipus! (@HoneyDame: told you I'll use the term!)

Update: look who got better at tying geles. At this rate I'll surpass my mom (just thought about that again, that's not happening any time soon)

Pictures have been taken down.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Ahhhhh. Finally the break has started, but it really isn't a break since I have all this crap due when school resumes on Monday. T_T <--that's what I was doing when they listed all the assignments for class yesterday. In any case, I'm sitting here and thought I should do a post and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving day, what better topic right?? So what am I thankful for? 1. Family
While they drive me nuts, and I mean this in the most literal way, I love them all the same and I'm thankful for each and every one of my family members.

2. School
Yes I'm crazy. I admit it. Since family drives me nuts, school can only do what? Turn me into a squirrel. I am honestly thankful for school, particularly the course I'm studying. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a judge. That dream died when I realized how much I hated arguing, even though I do it so well with everyone. I just didn't wanted to be a judge honestly. I knew I wanted to make a difference but how? No clue. In any case, here I am 15 years later doing nursing and making a difference, for someone. Every moment doing Nursing, every time I go out and take on the responsibilities of a nurse, I know I'm making a difference in someone's life and that feeling is absolutely irreplaceable. I told you I'm a squirrel for school. I wrote more of school than I did for family. Smh mehn smh.

3. Strength
Whoyyyyyyyyy (this is strictly done in a Carribean accent, particularly my St. Lucians). I thank GOD for strength. The strength to pull through all that crap that I'm faced with in school, home, in my head. Ahhhhhh. I for no fit oooo.

Last but not least and HE doesn't get a number, GOD. Yes I thank GOD for being who HE is to me and more and words will not begin to express but HIM I give all the thanks.

There are sooooooo many other things that I'm thankful for but ummm yeah I just got lazy. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and for those not celebrating, I'll celebrate for you with some jollof rice, fried rice, chicken, pepper soup, suya (not the original kind) and many more!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Year's Resolution #10

I've always been the person to try and understand people and the situations that cause them to act the way they do. I strongly believe that people have their own type of character and if I can't agree to it or get along with it, I move on. No need for confrontation, argument or the things that people normally get into when they don't see eye to eye. But I've realized that some people need to be told about themselves, confronted and made aware of who they are and what they're doing because apparently they are "self-blind" (unaware of who they are or how they appear).
New Year's resolution number 10: Start telling people about themselves, sha it depends if I care enough :-)

Back to studying. I love Medication Administration!!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Its something I have, I don't like the way its going right now, but I wouldn't trade it.
Sigh, I'm out of it today.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Clinical, Train and the Meagre Things After

Got back from clinical about 2 hours ago. Boy was today hectic, well not really but this was like the first out of 3 days that I've been on my feet ALL DAY LONG. But it was all worth it. By the end of the day, I had given out meds and injected insulin, wrote up a care plan on the spot (can you imagine?? It normally takes me a full day!) and finished most of my scales (Lawton's, Katz's, etc. to measure depression and activity level). In all, I was on my feet doing something so I'm content.

Moving on, while I was on the train, there was this couple sitting a few seats away from where I was and apparently the lady, I suspect his girlfriend, was upset. After watching(yes I was watching, but not stalkerish/creepy) the couple for about 10 minutes, I understood what the lady was upset about. The dude was eyeballing and I mean this dude was salivating, glancing, basically stripping another girl with his eyes. Now to all the dudes out there, there is nothing wrong with checking out a girl, but eyeballing, especially in the presence of your partner and particularly when she may be talking and WILL notice that you are not paying attention, is rude. So yeah, he was eyeballing the girl. After what seemed about 10 minutes and 4 stops later, the girl (the one being eyeballed) got up and exited the train and the dude's eyes unhesitatingly followed her. His girlfriend became infuriated because at this point she was calling his name to get his attention but as evidence has shown he was clearly not interested in his lady and therefore could not hear her. When the doors of the train finally closed "tuh tun" *the sound the train makes*, there it came, a serious up the head slap. This man was bald so the slap seemed so much more serious. I heard it and though I could see them, I wasn't that close so I shouldn't have heard it. It seemed like that slap woke him up and there I, and the man sitting next to me started rolling with laughter. I mean it was just to funny, especially the look on his face when he finally realized he had a lady, particularly his girlfriend, sitting right next to him. His girlfriend went off, and I mean off. If she was a cartoon, her face would be red and steam would be blowing out of her ears. She started yelling at the dude, cursing him, calling him all manner of names some of which were pig, manwhore, good for nothing jerk, jackass and many more. Mind you everyone on the train is looking at her and her dude. After the dude pointed out that she was making a fool of herself, she turns around and starts yelling, at no one in particular, that everyone needs to mind their business, yada yada yada. In my view, she brought her business to be minded by everyone when she started yelling. But hey, the lady is upset.

Anyway I eventually got off the train, got home ate some delicious beans and fish with rice and stew and did this post. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday and hope the weekend is great too!

P.S. Happy Veterans Day!! :-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That Moment

You know that moment, when you know in the back of your mind that you need to get up and go study but in the front of your mind, your bed seems so much better and you're telling yourself that an extra 30 mins of sleep will not do anything detrimental? I'm having that right now. My eyes are going to turn red but I have an exam so I have to deal with it right? T_T I detest school!

Hope everyone will or is having a good day though!

-a tired, angry student

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Loving Me

So I've been mulling over what this post would be. I had the idea and then when it came to writing my mind went blank so I'll make this short.

I love myself. It took me a while to say that and know that it is true. I am flawed in more ways than I'm possibly aware of but I am blessed in ways that are indescribable. I have family and friends all around me that make me upset and stress me out and even make me run mad but a day without them is like a second without air. I hate school but hate being away from the work during holidays. I'm weird like that. I could do to exercise more, eat better and sleep better. I have been hurt and I have hurt. I console myself by saying today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow shall be better than today. I am a Christian and I know I've made mistakes but I'm learning and growing and I know that counts for something. I lay my heart before GOD on an irregular basis. I am many things that I just don't have the energy to explain but I am who I am created by the I AM THAT I AM and I love myself.
Here's a pic that my "friend" did. Thought I should share.