Saturday, May 4, 2013

Night Tins

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies//It's compromise that moves us along"

-Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved"

I'm up. Answering these damn 100-questions which is only one out of a set of three that I need to submit. So Pandora is my buddy for the night.


  1. Hey, how are you doing? I always read you but this blog template makes it a lil difficult to drop comments. I had to refresh this page about 4 times before the "add comment" came up.

    That quote is the bible though.

    1. Hey Toinlicious! I'm fine. I'm sorry about the whacky blog template. Will change it very soon for convenience. Thanks for reading though :-).

      I never knew it was in the Bible. Will go searching tonight

      P.S. It took me refreshing to actually see your comment. Crazy.

  2. This kind blog. I never see am before. but innovative. nice quotes.


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