Friday, October 25, 2013

Something Post Worthy

"Find something worth fighting for and fight for it" -Unknown

I have had nothing post-worthy or rather, worth me getting off my lazy bum and typing here. That is until today. Today OrionPixels Photography put up a blog post on breast cancer. And as the month wears on and comes to an end, it makes me wonder, "Have I done my job to fight something that has hit close to home? Have I done at least one thing to contribute to the cause?" Nope. I haven't. Being wrapped up at work and at home and in sleep, I've kind of shift the thought that many out there are fighting breast cancer to a very remote part of my brain. But of course, it is infact someone else's headache, why make it my own? Because at one point it was mine. I knew a lady, you know one of those aunty/family-friends that you are actually cool with, who had died fighting breast cancer a year ago. As much of unrelated we were, we still went through the highs and lows of the fight against breast cancer. I know only a small portion of the pain that her family and particularly my "cousins" went and are still going through after the death of their mother but it was still a lot for me then and now.
Breast cancer will not be cured today, but I know there is research geared towards finding one in the mean time we still need to work on finding the earliest detection technology and most importantly making people aware of it so that they too can help and also go get screened. So even if you can't make a monetary contribution, or go on the Breast Cancer Walk, or volunteer, just simply spread the word, by clicking on, and reposting Project P!nk: Chronicles of RoseMary somewhere so that others may be made aware.


  1. Babes, i'm glad you blogged o! I was seriously worried. Especially after i emailed you and didn't hear back.

    I've helped host some Breast Cancer Awareness events last month and in prep for the race a couple weeks ago :)

  2. Medicaid in Abuja was doing a free breast cancer screening for a few weeks until last week. I took the flier and said I would go but I got caught up in work. I feel so irresponsible.


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